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We are HospitalityIndia.com, a firm that specializes in putting ‘people’, online offices and virtually anything realistically conceivable on the net. In short, we design web pages and build corporate websites. A team of highly professional individuals, who put you up on the net, service your needs day in and day out, help expand your business and put before you newer vistas to explore each day.

Just why would you want to put your business on the Internet?
Well, here goes…
A 24hr extension of your office
An International Online presence
An 150+ million audience worldwide
A Business Catalogue that is available 365 days.
Enable you to accept orders online
Significant savings in advertising costs
New more lucrative business connections
Better Customer Service and many more benefits, etc.

At HospitalityIndia.com, we are experienced in creating superior Websites. We offer you quality web page designing, to give your business an edge in today's global economy. Our competitive rates and efficient staff make Hospitality India a first choice for putting your company on the Web.

To be effective, a website requires an appealing design to attract and captivate an audience. In addition, your site must have a unique style, consistent with the image of your company. HospitalityIndia has experience in designing a varied selection of sites. Poor design can cause unnecessary delays in loading your Web page. Since few people will wait for a slow page, load times can be crucial to your site's effectiveness. We have developed techniques to improve overall performance without compromising site quality.

The power of the Web is its ability to present dynamic content. HospitalityIndia specializes in interactive Web page design, from databases to online games. Every web site that we design is a custom creation. No two sites are the same because the site design begins when we have the idea of what the client wants, and after the client has given us the information for the site (Photographs, Company Logos, Company Fonts, Text matter to be included, etc.). Animation on your Website will create more impact on the visitors; our experienced multimedia professional will use the newest technology in multimedia design.

COMPLETE WEBSITE RE-DESIGNING: Do you know if your website is costing you potential clients? Have your new website save you money, improve communications, and give you the image your customers expect. Ensure that your marketing message remains clear and consistent to your customers.

Is it time for website revamp?
Website design has come an extensive way since the Internet’s entrance into the corporate environment. Many firms have a website, but it may be unfashionable or not up to equivalence with their existing image or their competitor’s image. If your firm is presently in this condition, it’s time to consider web site redesign services.

Website redesign experts.
We are experienced in providing website redesign services. Our brand strategists produce striking, user friendly websites that assist business processes while ornamenting the brand strategy of an organization.

Our achievements come by asking some questions:
Who will be using your web site?
>> What information or uses need to be available for users?
>> What do you want people to think about your brand?

Website redesign: A vital resource
If you have formed a concrete offline company representation, but aren’t positive if you’re equipped to invest in your online presence, mull over this: The Internet has become the initial destination consumers go to collect information on a firm, its products, or services.

If you would like to discover how to advance your website to produce more business, contact us and we will assist you to:
>> Categorize potential problem areas on your site that may be costing you sales.
>> Fix these problem areas through a detailed list of suggestion.


WEBPAGE DESIGNING in HTML only: (Onetime Cost)
=> Home Page Designing in HTML @ Rs.2997/-. You get TWO Sample Designs. Additional designs will be charged @ Rs.1500/- per design.
=> Inner Page Designing @ Rs.1497/- per A4 size page.
=> Interactive Form designing will cost Rs.1497 to Rs.2497/- depending on complexity.

WEBPAGE Designing in Flash only: (Onetime Cost)
=> Home Page Designing in Flash @ Rs.3997/-. You get TWO Sample Designs. Additional designs will be charged @ Rs.3000/- per design.
=> Inner Page Designing @ Rs.2997/- per A4 size page.
=> Interactive Form designing will cost Rs.2997/- to Rs.4997/- depending on complexity.

PS.: The above proposal does not include the charges for Copy writing (content development), data entry and programming. The charges for copy writing would be Rs.400/- per page. Programming if any would be charged based on the specification of the assignment.

Note: The above cost does not include the cost of regular Website Maintenance. It will depend on the content, complexity and regularity of maintenance. I have attached a brief profile of what constitute a "Website Maintenance".


Once you have a website on-line, it is crucial to keep that web presence up-to-date, fresh and running smoothly. Information needs to be updated, e-mail addresses need to be revised, external links need to be added or deleted as other websites are created, retired, or edited. The Internet is constantly growing and progressing. Likewise, your website should reflect you and your company's growth and progress. You can keep your site alive and encourage your visitors to come back to your site again and again by refreshing your website with new contents.

Website maintenance services by third party can significantly shrink your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time website design professionals or web content programmers. We can help you understand and implement most profitable website maintenance solutions.

Stale websites run the risk of being dropped from search engines! Amateurish site updating often damages the site, no matter how unintentionally it might be. Links can be broken or lost, files exposed for easy exploit by hackers and spammers, un-optimized graphics slowing the page download.

Our web maintenance and management service protect your site and investment in your web presence by constant site-optimization. In addition, we continually meet the needs of your web site, both immediate and long term both technically and content wise.

Some of the elements in our website maintenance services include the following:

  • Modification and addition of website text
  • Website content manipulation
  • Image manipulation and addition
  • Newsletter and e-mail list maintenance
  • Shopping cart product updates
  • Update announcements, articles, etc.
  • Replace images (i.e. pictures and graphics)
  • Adding/removing pages
  • PDF creation and uploading
  • Announcing new corporate information and staffing changes
  • Posting job opportunities
  • Adding new product announcements
  • Updating company news and contact information
    (Note: The list of the services mentioned above is by no means exhaustive, so please contact us for any other specific requirements)

Package #1: For websites about to 1 to 10 pages - Rs.5497.00 per year >> ORDER NOW!

Package #2: For websites between 11 to 20 pages - Rs.8997.00 per year >> ORDER NOW!

Package #3: For websites between 21 to 50 pages - Rs.18997.00 per year >> ORDER NOW!

Please note: Redesigning your Website, Customizing your Website or Upgrading to a more extensive Website Design Package are NOT considered Website Maintenance. We are happy to perform these jobs at an additional cost to you.

If you already have a website and feel that you are not getting the most out of it, your solution will be through our Web Consultancy & Web Maintenance. From design improvements, to web interactivity, HospitalityIndia will give your website a new personality. We have a client-centered, professional approach to web design that ensures a site that's sure to make visitors and customers stand up and take notice!

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