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A Domain Name is the essence of your company's online identity. It is the address your customers use to find information about your products and services on the web. It is your permanent address that can follow you no matter where in the world you might move. This is a very powerful tool for individuals as well as businesses.

Domain names allow Internet users to type in a website name, such as www.FutureNetTechnologies.com, to identify a numeric Internet Protocol (IP) address such as The purpose of Domain name is to allow users connected to the Internet the ability to find web sites without having to memorize the long, numerical (IP) addresses that actually locate the computers or servers on the Internet.

A domain name is the part of your Internet address that comes after “www”. For example, in www.futurenettechnologies.com the domain name is “futurenettechnologies.com”.

Why you need your own domain when you can use some one else’s domain. For eg: www.futurenettechnologies.com/freeserver/clients/users/yourname/. Is buying Your Own Domain Really Necessary? The answer is YES. Why the big deal?

Firstly, you want your visitors to trust you right? Having your own domain name registered emphasizes that trust. TRUTH. It will look more professional and will create a lot more credibility for your company.

Secondly, others domain name are hard to remember, hard to spell and difficult to say in one breath. That is why for a your business I recommend getting your own domain name.
Thirdly having you own domain gives you complete control over what appears and doesn’t appears on your site.

A domain name can have a maximum of 67 characters including the extensions (.com, .net, etc). A domain name can contain numbers, letters or dashes. A domain cannot start or end with a dash. A domain name consists of two or more words separated by a period. The last word (the far right) is called a "top-level domain". Here are some common top-level domains and their use:

1 .COM Used for commercial entities. It is the most popular top-level domain. Anyone can register a .com domain.
2 .NET Originally used for networking organizations such as Internet Service Providers and backbone providers.
3 .ORG Designed for miscellaneous organizations, including non-profit groups. Today, anyone can register a .org domain.
4 .EDU Four-year, accredited colleges and universities.

Other top-level domains include those for countries (.CA for Canada, .UK for the United Kingdom, .HK for Hong Kong, etc.), which are based on the International Standards Organization's 3166 standard for country abbreviations.

To the left of the top-level domain is what is called the "second-level domain." In futurenettechnologies.com, "futurenettechnologies" represents a second-level domain within the top-level domain of .com.

It is also possible to have a domain name in the form of something.futurenettechnologies.com. In this case the "something" is called a "host" name or a "sub-domain". It is not necessary to register a host or sub-domain with a registry before being able to use it.

For more details send your enquiries at Click here!

 Domain Name Registration Charges
 1) .com, .net, .org,  INR 497/- Per Year --> ORDER NOW
 2) .info, .biz  INR 547/- Per Year --> ORDER NOW
 3) .co.in  INR 447/- Per Year --> ORDER NOW
 4) .in  INR 947/- Per Year --> ORDER NOW

Offer #1:
You get a Domain Name (.com or .net or .org) and 10 MB Windows 2003 space with 2 POP accounts of 20MB each with web based mail interface, an under construction page, auto-responder facility, catch-all email account, complete Control Panel and more for a period of 1 year. Cost INR 1,697.00 --> ORDER NOW

Offer #2: You get a Domain Name (.com or .net or .org) and 25 MB Windows 2003 space with 4 POP accounts of 20MB each with web based mail interface, an under construction page, auto-responder facility, catch-all email account, complete Control Panel and more for a period of 1 year. Cost INR 2,297.00 --> ORDER NOW

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